Insurance relationships include life and non-life insurance contractual relationships, reinsurance legal relationships, management, control and finance of insurance companies, and state supervision of insurance activities. Insurance law also covers the establishment of insurance companies, the licensing and operating conditions of branches of foreign insurance companies established in the Republic of Lithuania, and insurance intermediaries, etc. t.

Our lawyers provide assistance with the following insurance law issues:

  • Advises on insurance and reinsurance matters;
  • Addresses issues related to various types of life and non-life insurance.
  • Provides assistance in specific areas of credit and suretyship insurance.
  • Develop and review insurance contracts and policies.
  • Assess the compliance of insurance companies with regulatory requirements.
  • Represents clients in disputes between the insurer, the policyholder and third parties;
  • Advises on the acquisition, restructuring and reorganization of insurance companies nationally and internationally;

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