European Union law

EU law is constantly evolving: it was initially focused on the smooth functioning of the internal market and later expanded into areas such as foreign and security policy, border control, asylum and visas, police, the judiciary and more. In the latter sectors, decisions are usually taken by intergovernmental methods rather than by the Community.

The successful application of EU law requires not only a thorough knowledge of the general principles of EU law, but also of the entire acquis communautaire. This concept covers not only directives, regulations, decisions, opinions, recommendations, resolutions, international agreements concluded by the Communities and other legal acts, but also the case law of the European Court of Justice, quasi-judicial decisions, etc. t.

Our lawyers provide the following legal services related to EU law:

  • Advises on the free movement of goods, services, people and capital within the EU;
  • Advises on public procurement, competition, environment, energy, customs and regulation, taxation, transport and more;
  • Provides valuable legal assistance on the compliance of national legislation with EU law, as our lawyers are involved in transposing EU law into national law;
  • Protects customers’ interests in the event of a conflict between national and EU law.
  • Represents clients in disputes over the application of EU law before national and EU institutions;

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